The Black Dot – Stepping Stone to Your Inner World

My art is about the black dot or bindu. The bindu is the central focal point of a yantra like the Sri Yantra that is used for the Sri Vidya Puja ritual at Vedic temples or for meditation. The bindu contains the DNA of the cosmos.

The dot is created in black, perfect for meditation. It sucks the meditator right in like into a black hole especially when the dot is rather large and the eyes are not distracted by a nonsensical restlessness inducing periphery. It feels like falling into a bottomless pit. Looking at it, into it, ask yourself:

  • can you let go, let go of your identity,
  • can you fall into it, into nothingness, blissful nothingness and
  • at the same time feel safe and enveloped in the black and dark warmth of the womb, the universe,
  • float without fear?

One has to jump, plunge oneself into it, there are no steps going down or up for that matter. Watching from the edge is a foolish endeavor leading to nothing.

The black dot is an ‘opening’ created in the paintings to your inner world like a tunnel or into space. You associate and project your feelings, patterns and thoughts, analyze or simply be.

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The Incredible Healing Value of Bindu Paintings

What do You See in My Art?

Someone told me ‘Nothing’. Exactly! Nothingness is fullness, everything is contained in it. Nothingness is also the Unknown.

There is fear of the Unknown (that’s why we don’t see anything and say there is nothing). Have a closer look and see what comes up for you, meditate on it. Go into your body, into your mind, into your heart. See what is hidden there.

How much of the Unknown can you tolerate?

The abuse that happened to you as a child, the shame, guilt, your anger, and your fears – all that which is still affecting your life today. How? Unconscious thought patterns run your life.

Consider healing your misery and your life.

Face it, relive it, release it. It may be painful at first but once you confront it, it becomes easier to release than to suppress it. But facing it you must to release your emotional anguish and mental suffering. It is beneficial for you and others like your family and friends too. Eventually you feel lighter as if karmic baggage has left you. Your thinking, feeling, and behavior will align to your new truth.

‘If someone is seeing nothing in these works, then he is yet to get enlightenment and know what really is meant by a conscious reality than dwelling elsewhere. Excellent work… excellent rendering.’ – Hariraam Veeraraghavan, Chennai, India

A psychologist is costly, with my bindu art there is a better solution for your spiritual healing. This is the incredible healing value of my bindu paintings!

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