Harmony & Love

16x16x1.5″ acrylics on stretched canvas

Balance in life creates harmony. That’s our dream but not reality. Life is unpredictable. It always has ups and downs – until we become unattached to the positives and negatives. They then will still happen in life but we are unaffected by it. This we may call harmony.

16x16x1.5″ acrylics on stretched canvas

Love is a great dream in relationships and with the whole of humanity. Its possible but only if you start working on your inner life first. Let this painting be an inspiration of that grant goal of yours and open the door to your inner world of love to give unconditionally and forgive yourself and others.

‘Ma Udaysree’s art is simple, profound and beautiful.’ – Patricia F., Art Consultant, Canada

Ma dot Udaysree at gmail dot com